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这里有新鲜出炉的Redis 设计与实现(第一版),程序狗速度看过来!

Redis Key-Value数据库

Redis是一个开源的使用ANSI C语言编写、支持网络、可基于内存亦可持久化的日志型、Key-Value数据库,并提供多种语言的API。

Redis 4.0.0 已发布,这是 Redis 4.0 系列的首个稳定版,包含以下的一些重大改进:模块化的系统、更好的复制 (PSYNC2)、对 eviction policies, threaded DEL/FLUSH 的改进、混合 RDB+AOF 格式、对 Raspberry Pi 的支持作为主要平台、新的 MEMORY 命令行、Redis Cluster 对 Nat/Docker 的支持、更快的 Redis Cluster 键创建,以及许多其他较小的功能和一些行为修复等。

与之前的 RC 相比,有一些错误修复和改进,主要是:

  • Different replication fixes to PSYNC2, the new 4.0 replication engine.

  • Modules thread safe contexts were introduced. They are an experimental API right now, but the API is considered to be stable and usable when needed.

  • SLOWLOG now logs the offending client name and address. Note that this is a backward compatibility breakage in case old code assumes that the slowlog entry is composed of exactly three entries.

  • The modules native data types RDB format changed.

  • The AOF check utility is now able to deal with RDB preambles.

  • GEORADIUS_RO and GEORADIUSBYMEMBER_RO variants, not supporting the STORE option, were added in order to allow read-only scaling of such queries.

  • HSET is now variadic, and HMSET is considered deprecated (but will be supported for years to come). Please use HSET in new code.

  • GEORADIUS huge radius (>= ~6000 km) corner cases fixed, certain elements near the edges were not returned.

  • DEBUG DIGEST modules API added.

  • HyperLogLog commands no longer crash on certain input (non HLL) strings.

  • Fixed SLAVEOF inside MULTI/EXEC blocks.

  • Many other minor bug fixes and improvements.



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