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Spring Framework 开源j2ee框架

Spring是什么呢?首先它是一个开源的项目,而且目前非常活跃;它是一个基于IOC和AOP的构架多层j2ee系统的框架,但它不强迫你必须在每一层 中必须使用Spring,因为它模块化的很好,允许你根据自己的需要选择使用它的某一个模块;它实现了很优雅的MVC,对不同的数据访问技术提供了统一的接口,采用IOC使得可以很容易的实现bean的装配,提供了简洁的AOP并据此实现Transcation Managment,等等

Spring Framework 4.3.7 发布了,Spring Framework 为基于 Java 的企业应用提供了一个全面的编程和配置模型。

此维护版本是即将发布的 Spring Boot 1.4.5 和 1.5.2 版本的基础,包括有超过20处修补程序和指定改进。


  • [SPR-15166] - InterceptingClientHttpRequest replaces headers set in request factory instead of merging them

  • [SPR-15188] - If backing Cache is down @CacheResult does not seamlessly call method (in contrast to @Cacheable)

  • [SPR-15192] - SpelCompiler VerifyError - Incompatible argument to function

  • [SPR-15194] - Spring does not clean up db connection registered in afterCompletion callback

  • [SPR-15202] - SettableListenableFuture may be both set and canceled successfully

  • [SPR-15212] - HTTP Response should not contain both Transfer-Encoding and Content-Length headers

  • [SPR-15214] - Principal check in ServletRequestMethodArgumentResolver can result in type mismatches

  • [SPR-15215] - MockHttpServletRequest.getReader() returns null in case of no content

  • [SPR-15216] - SettableListenableFuture may be successfully set with failureCallback executed and success callback ignored

  • [SPR-15231] - DispatcherServlet's multipart request parsing fails during Jetty error dispatch

  • [SPR-15232] - MockHttpServletRequest.protocol default should be "HTTP/1.1", not "http"

  • [SPR-15241] - RestTemplate with Netty produces two Content-Length headers

  • [SPR-15254] - RestTemplate with MockMvcClientHttpRequestFactory double encodes URIs

  • [SPR-15261] - HEAD response has "Content-Length: 0" for @RestController @GetMapping methods

  • [SPR-15275] - @Configuration processing fails to handle AbstractFactoryBean.getObject() calls


  • [SPR-11590] - TransactionSynchronizationManager - throw an Exception or log a warning if a Synchronization wants to add a Synchronization and afterCompletion is already called

  • [SPR-15210] - Support for read-only transactions with Oracle 12c JDBC driver

  • [SPR-15218] - Log failures to load PropertySources when ignoreResourceNotFound = true

  • [SPR-15229] - DefaultSubscriptionRegistry should prevent duplicate Subscriptions per subscription id

  • [SPR-15248] - Allow configuring the ContentNegotiationManager in MockMVC standalone controller setup

  • [SPR-15255] - Database.SQL_SERVER should set more recent Hibernate dialect with Spring 4.3.x

  • [SPR-15258] - Consistently support CompletionStage next to CompletableFuture

  • [SPR-15262] - MessageHeaderAccessor's MutableMessageHeaders should be serializable

  • [SPR-15296] - Skip transaction/caching metadata retrieval for java.lang.Object methods


  • [SPR-15196] - Revisit Assert to avoid single-arg assert methods (with refined messages)

  • [SPR-15240] - CronSequenceGenerator examples in documentation are incorrect



历史版本 :
Spring Framework 5.0.3 和 4.3.14,开始支持 JDK 10
Spring Framework 5.0.2 及 4.3.13 版本更新发布
Spring Framework 5.0.1小版本更新,修复部分缺陷
Spring Framework 4.3.12 版本正式发布
支持响应式编程 Spring Framework 5.0 稳定版正式发布
Spring Framework 5.0 最后一个 RC 版发布
Spring 4.3.11 发布,合并 EhCache 3 tests 至 spring-context-support
Spring Framework 5.0 RC3 发布
Spring Framework 4.3.10 发布
Spring for Apache Hadoop 2.5.0 GA 版本发布
Spring for Apache Hadoop 2.5.0.RC1 发布
Spring Framework 5.0 RC2 发布
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