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这里有新鲜出炉的Redis 官方指南,程序狗速度看过来!

Redis Key-Value数据库

Redis是一个开源的使用ANSI C语言编写、支持网络、可基于内存亦可持久化的日志型、Key-Value数据库,并提供多种语言的API。

Redis 3.2.6 和 4.0-rc2 发布了,

v3.2.6:紧急升级程度 MODERATE:GEORADIUS,BITFIELD 和 Redis 群集小型修订。


1. A bug with BITFIELD that may cause the bitmap corruption when setting offsets
   larger than the current string size.

2. A GEORADIUS bug that may happen when using very large radius lengths, in
   the range of 10000km or alike, due to wrong bounding box calculation.

3. A bug with Redis Cluster which crashes when reading a nodes configuration
   file with zero bytes at the end, which sometimes happens with certain ext4
   configurations after a system crash.



v4.0-rc2:升级紧急程度 LOW:此版本主要修复罕见的相关模块子系统的 GEO API 错误和崩溃。


1. GEORADIUS could fail reporting items with very big radius lengths because
   of a bug in the bounding box computation function. This was fixed and tests
   with large radius sizes were added.

2. There was a crash in the modules subsystem that was not merged into RC1 for
   an error, while it was already fixed into the "unstable" branch.



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