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Oracle Database,又名Oracle RDBMS,或简称Oracle。是甲骨文公司的一款关系数据库管理系统。到目前仍在数据库市场上占有主要份额。

正在看的ORACLE教程是:Oracle 8i在P4上的安装。方法一:

2、将 硬盘目录文件stageComponentsoracle.swd.jre1.1.7.30/1
DataFilesExpandedjrewin32binsymcjit.dll 的文件改名为
3.从installwin32 目录下运行SETUP.exe 文件进行安装。


方法二、(此方法斑竹成功安装,但较麻烦,方法的核心是加 -nojit)
.. Copy only the install directory from the CD to the hard disk ,say, e:temp.

b. Open oraparam.ini and make the following modifications (Assuming CD
drive is f:)

* Change the "SOURCE=" line to use the full path to the CD instead of a
relative path. (i.e., SOURCE=f:stageproducts.jar)

* Change the "JRE_LOCATION" line to use the full path to the CD instead of a
relative path. (i.e.,

* Change the "OUI_LOCATION" line to use the full path to the CD instead of a
relative path. (i.e.,

* Change the "JRE_MEMORY_OPTIONS" line to add "-nojit" as the first argument.
(i.e., JRE_MEMORY_OPTIONS=-nojit -ms16m -mx32m)
* Other entries should remain the same

c. Launch setup.exe from the temporary location on your hard drive (i.e.
e:tempinstallwin32setup.exe). This will use the modified
oraparam.ini and pick up the information from the CD since the absolute
locations are specified.

Choose a Custom install and choose not to create a database during the
install. This way, the Database Configuration Assistant will not be launched
during installation.

The Net8 Configuration Assistant will still be launched, and there is no way
to suppress it. You will need to kill the Net8 Configuration Assistant if it
hangs due to the bug. The installation still will have been successful, and
you can run the DBCA and NetCA after installation.

To kill NetCA if it hangs during installation:
In the "Configuration Tools" window, highlight the "Net8 Configuration
Assistant" and click "Stop". If that does not work, look for the most recent
JRE process using the Task Manager, and kill it manually. NOTE: the OUI
itself will also have a jre process. Be sure to kill the one with the most
recent date, which should be the jre process being used for Net8CA, not the
one for OUI itself.

After killing the configuration tools and continuing through the installation
to the "End of Installation" screen, you should modify the configuration tools
to use "-nojit", then call the appropriate tools from the Start Menu.

Once installation is complete, each of the following files in the ORACLE_HOME
needs to be modified:

Edit the contents of the above files to add "-nojit" as shown below:
Command=("C:Program FilesOraclejre1.1.7BINJREW" -nojit -classpath ....
this is the only thing you need to add --> ^^^^^^


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