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Oracle Database,又名Oracle RDBMS,或简称Oracle。是甲骨文公司的一款关系数据库管理系统。到目前仍在数据库市场上占有主要份额。

Oracle SQL Developer发布,新特性:

在4.1版本中,修复了超过600个bug, 同时也包括了若干关键的功能增强,这里是完整的列表:here

  • Easily Copy or Move your 12c pluggable database to an Oracle Database Cloud Service

  • A model tab has been added to instantly view a relational model for that table, with foreign key constraints and related tables diagrammed

  • A new DBA feature, DBA > Database > Status > DB Instance, visual representation of the state of your database with live refreshes (powered by Java FX)

  • Find/Replace Enhancements in the Code Editors and SQL Worksheet

  • Multi-cursor editing in the Code Editors and SQL Worksheet

  • Install, Run or Uninstall Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) Install and Uninstall directly from SQL Developer with simple, easy to follow wizards

  • SSH Tunnel Navigator to define Local and Remote Port Forwards

Oracle Database,又名Oracle RDBMS,或简称Oracle。是甲骨文公司的一款关系数据库管理系统。到目前仍在数据库市场上占有主要份额。 

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Oracle SQL Developer 4.1 发布
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